You’ll love selecting new glasses in our beautiful, spacious optical department! We have over 500 frames on display, in all the latest designs. We carry the hottest brand names and fashion designers, including some that are exclusive for the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland. We will answer all your questions and make sure you have a perfect fit.

Myopia Control

Children with nearsighted glass (myopia; need help seeing the distance clearly) can experience worsening of their prescription over time.  Especially younger and teenage children can change rapidly. There exists effective methods (specific glasses, contact lenses and pharmaceutical drugs) that have been shown to stabilize a child’s prescription.  This is referred as ‘myopia control’. These options are best discussed on an individual child’s needs with Drs. Moison or Dhott.



We are seeing rapid advancements in ophthalmic lens technology, which means better vision, comfort, convenience and protection for you. Here is a simple way to understand your eyeglass lenses:

Lens Design

There are many different types of lenses available including single vision, anti-fatigue, Energize Me, Digital, Office, Drivesafe and progressive multifocal lenses.

Lens Material

Lens materials include CR-39 plastic, high index plastic, polycarbonate and new hybrid materials like Trivex. The best lens material for you is based in part on your prescription.

Lens Treatment

There are many surface treatments available that can make your glasses the best ever. Our lenses always include anti-reflective/anti-scratch coating to reduce glare.  Also available are blue blocker and mirror coatings.

Lens Colours

Many options are available including polarized, solid or gradient tints for sunglasses as well as photosensitive lenses that are activated by ultraviolet light to become lighter and darker depending on the UV intensity.


Sullivan Optometry has an Optical Lab On-Site

We offer great optical products at Sullivan Optometry, but it’s really all about customer service. We have patient-friendly  policies and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Come in and experience optical service as it should be.We have been making eyeglasses right in our Sullivan office since the day we opened and we have it down to a science! We merge excellent human skill and workmanship with advanced technology machinery and add in outstanding customer service to come up with our winning formula.

Our on-site optical laboratory allows us to make the most advanced lens designs in the newest thin and light lens materials. Doing our own lab work allows us to maintain top quality control and provide fast service. Add the fact that we carry a huge inventory of spectacle lenses, and most glasses can be made the same day!