Eye Exam

A Full Eye Examination includes:

We use digital equipment based on wavefront technology to accurately determine your prescription.

Binocular Vision Test
We test your eye coordination to be sure your vision is comfortable and that your eyes work well together as a pair.

Eye Health Exam
The external and internal parts of the eye are evaluated for normal function and appearance using a highly powered microscope. We may use dilating drops to evaluate the retina in some patients.

An evaluation of your eye’s internal pressure is taken.

Optical Coherence Tomography
OCT is soft tissue imagery (similar to an MRI) and is used to measure structures and detect signs of eye disease.  Unlike standard retinal photography, OCT images beyond what can usually be seen by the optometrist.  For example, retinal photography would be akin to taking a picture of the outside of your house, whereas OCT imaging would be akin to also seeing inside into rooms, flooring, electrical, plumbing, etc.


Eye Exam

We believe that listening and understanding your reason for visiting are the most important aspects of an eye examination.  This, coupled with the best diagnostic technology available makes for an excellent experience.

Eye Exam Sullivan Optometry

Fees for full eye exams

  • Adult 19yrs and older | $125
  • Senior 65yrs and older | MSP + $75
  • Children 18yrs and under | MSP
  • We can direct bill from most major insurance companies
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