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Dr. Moison and Dr. Nurani’s children


Dr. Moison and Dr. Nurani recommend that children have their first vision assessment done by the ages of 2-3 years, then yearly afterwards. At this age we are able to assess the health and development of the eyes.

The main reason for such a young age is to diagnose the particular condition amblyopia or “lazy eye”. Lazy eye can only be effectively treated before a child reaches 5 years of age. After this point, unfortunately, despite corrective lenses, surgeries or laser intervention, a child would then remain with a lazy eye for life.

Another important reason to see children at a young age is to offer options to slow myopia (nearsightedness) progression. These options are best discussed on an individual child’s needs with Dr. Moison or Dr. Nurani.

Kids Glasses

Kids Glasses

Longterm changes associated with UV radiation

Our Sun sends out powerful radiation, most of which bounces off our planet’s atmosphere and is redirected into space. Some radiation however will penetrate our atmosphere and reach the Earth’s surface. Some radiation is very helpful to us; the visible spectrum radiation allows vision for humans. Some radiation is harmful, namely ultra-violet or UV.

For our purposes, UV radiation induces changes to the skin around the eye, the front surface of the eye, the lens and finally the rear of the eye or retina.

  • LUV exposure to the skin around the eye can lead to cancerous changes.
  • UV exposure to the front surface of the eye can lead to pinguecula and pterygium formation.
  • UV exposure to the lens can result in cataract formation.
  • UV exposure to the retina can lead to macular degeneration and metabolic waste accumulation.

For these reasons, everyone should wear protective eyewear either with a UV 400 coating on spectacle lenses or UV protective sunglasses.

Are there times when UV is not a concern? Yes, nighttime and rain. These are the only two occasions where UV radiation does not reach us.

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Glasses Frames and Lenses Sullivan Optometry


You’ll love selecting new glasses in our beautiful, spacious optical department! We have over 1,000 frames on display, in all the latest designs, including over 200 pairs of name brand sunglasses. We carry the hottest brand names and fashion designers, including some that are exclusive for the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland. We will answer all your questions and make sure you have a perfect fit.

Coach FramesGucci Glasses

Hugo Boss GlassesMaui Jim Sunglasses


         Ray Ban Glasses


We are seeing rapid advancements in ophthalmic lens technology, which means better vision, comfort, convenience and protection for you. Here is a simple way to understand your eyeglass lenses:

Lens Design

Your lenses will either be single vision (one prescription only) or multifocal (bifocals, trifocals and progressive lenses). Progressive (no-line) offer a gradually changing prescription so vision is clear at all distances.

Lens Material

Eyeglass lenses used to be made of glass and while that is still available, new age plastics have much more to offer. New plastic lens materials today are extremely scratch resistant and they are thinner, safer and lighter weight than glass. Lens materials include CR-39 plastic, high index plastic, polycarbonate and new hybrid materials like Trivex. The best lens material for you is based in part on your prescription.

Lens Treatment

There are many surface treatments available that can make your glasses the best ever. Anti-reflective lenses are a very popular choice because they make you see better and look better by reducing glare, and AR is now better than ever! Many other options are available such as UV protection, anti-scratch coatings and polished lens edges.

Lens Tinting

We offer many different tint options in lenses from no tint at all to dark gray or brown sunglass shades. One of the most exciting tint options is Transitions®, which is the lens that darkens and lightens based on available sunlight.

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Sullivan Optometry has an Optical Lab On-Site

We offer great optical products at Sullivan Optometry, but it’s really all about customer service. We have patient-friendly policies and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Come in and experience optical service as it should be.We have been making eyeglasses right in our Sullivan office since the day we opened and we have it down to a science! We merge excellent human skill and workmanship with advanced technology machinery and add in outstanding customer service to come up with our winning formula.

Our onsite optical laboratory allows us to make the most advanced lens designs (such as Essilor brand progressive lenses) in the newest thin and light lens materials (like polycarbonate or high index plastics). Doing our own lab work allows us to maintain top quality control and provide fast service. Add the fact that we carry a huge inventory of spectacle lenses, and most glasses can be made the same day!

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Optical Lab On-Site - Sullivan Optometry

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Sullivan Optometry is a full scope primary eye care setting. In addition to medical eye care and optical services, we provide a unique Dry Eye Clinic. We offer great optical products at Sullivan Optometry, but it’s really all about customer service. We have patient-friendly policies and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Come in and experience optical service as it should be. Below are our Eye Care Services.

Eye Exam Sullivan Optometry

Eye Exam

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Dry Eye Clinic Sullivan Optometry

Dry Eye Clinic

Fees & Details

Advanced Eye Care Sullivan Optometry

Advanced Eye Care

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Contact Lenses Sullivan Optometry

Contact Lenses

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Glasses Frames and Lenses Sullivan Optometry

Frames & Lenses

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Eye Consultation Sullivan Optometry

Eye Consultation

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A few words from our patients…

Dear Dr Marc and Amy,
Just reporting that I am very pleased with my new glasses. They are clear, clean and comfortable. In fact, they are the best lenses I have ever had. The frames make me think that I am young and good looking even though neither is really the case. So thank you Marc and Amy for helping me obtain such a good fit. And of course I must thank you for the extra effort you made to cooperate with Terry. I will certainly recommend you to any of my friends.
– Bob R.

Hi Amy & Dr. Moison,
We just wanted to say thank you for replacing Carl’s glasses. He is so happy with the new ones and can’t stop saying how much he loves them. He can finally see more clearly than he has in many years. We really appreciate the service that you have given us and your quick response time. We will be sure to recommend you to others. Thank you so much.
– Carl King & Cindy Walker

Hi Marc,
You run a very pleasant office. I really felt comfortable and un-rushed, although I think I took up too much of your time. I really appreciated you and your staff taking the time to answer any questions I had. See you soon,
– Ray Dougharty

Dear Dr. Nurani,
Thanks to internet I have gotten an e mail address to contact you. I live in Guatemala, I visited your clinic in Ottawa from 2003 to 2005. I will be in Ottawa again in May and very happy to visit the city because it will mean a great opportunity to do my eyes examination. I read you are now in BC, good for you !!!! Dr. Anisa Nurani, I wish you a “heavy rain” of blessing in the coming year, happy holidays!!!
– Yanira G. Mendez, Guatemala

Good Morning!
I want to share with you how wonderful my new eyeglasses are. It is the first time I have had such a comfortable fit right out of the box. I have no pinching behind the ears or a headache from them being too tight or not fitting correctly. I will not have to return for adjustments. And of course the best part, my vision is perfect with them. Both eyes are lined up, and I know it is a tricky business with my prescription and also progressives. I have received many compliments as well which are always welcome! When I am asked where did I get them, I can’t wait to tell them. I tell them anyway I am so happy and comfortable wearing them.

So Dr Moison, thank you, and also you Amy, because I know your job is to fit them correctly. One more thing, the relaxed atmosphere, coffee, and non-hurried service made a very pleasurable experience for me. Thank you so much!

Regards and blessings,
Suzyn Regan

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Dr. Marc Moison, Dr. Anisa Nurani and Dr. Priya Rughani, welcome you to our practice.

We use precision, convenience and style to make your eyecare experience memorable. The precision of digital equipment in the exam room and in the lab make your visual results crystal clear. The convenience of our location with its free parking, our hours with evenings and Saturdays and our on-site lab where most people can leave with their new glasses the same day, all help make life a bit easier. Our huge selection of frame styles ensures that you will find that perfect pair that makes you feel confident with your new glasses and contact lenses.

  • Dr. Marc Moison - Optometrist

    Dr. Marc E. Moison, B.Sc., O.D.


    Dr. Marc E. Moison attended the University of Waterloo and graduated with his Doctor of Optometry Degree in 2000. Apart from his daily optometry duties, he is currently serving as a Facilitator with the College of Optometrists of British Columbia. Dr. Moison’s areas of interest are helping people with Dry Eye Syndrome and his Myopia Control programme that helps prevent a child’s prescription from worsening.

  • Dr. Anisa Nurani - Surrey Optometrist

    Dr. Anisa Nurani, O.D.


    Dr. Anisa Nurani attended the University of Waterloo and graduated with her Doctor of Optometry Degree in 2002. Apart from her optometry duties and raising her two kiddos (Aiden and Arayah), she is currently serving on the Discipline Committee with the College of Optometrists of British Columbia.

  • Dr. Priya Rughani - Optometrist

    Dr. Priya Rughani, B.Sc. (hon), O.D.


    Dr. Rughani graduated from the University of Waterloo's Doctor of Optometry program in 2004. She had been practicing optometry for 11 years in Ontario before relocating to BC recently with her husband and three children. Their family is already loving the West Coast lifestyle and has decided to settle down in the South Surrey area. Dr. Rughani is very excited to be joining Sullivan Optometry and is looking forward to meeting patients!

  • Kathy Ko - Optometrist Assistant

    Kathy Ko

    Optometrist Assistant

    Kathy graduated from The University of British Columbia in 2001 and previously worked for a dentist. She enjoys the health care industry and loves working with families. Her strengths are in social media and marketing. As an Optometrist Assistant, she will be handling the pre-testing portion of the examination for most patients. She looks forward to helping improve the health of people's eyes.

  • Michelle Cieszecki


    Michelle has extensive experience in the Optometry field. She has obtained two Ophthalmic Dispensing Certificates and two Contact Lens Fitting Certificates from the Canadian Guild of Dispensing Opticians as well as from the College of Opticians of British Columbia. Michelle grew up in Coquitlam and has lived in the Lower Mainland all her life. One of her greatest accomplishments has been raising two grown children whom she and her husband adopted from Haiti. For exercise, Michelle enjoys walking 5 to 10 kilometres every day. Michelle is very knowledgeable and she is happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your vision health and care.

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We welcome new patients and look forward to meeting you at our location in Sullivan Square.

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Sullivan Square
105-15325 Hwy#10
Surrey, BC V3S0X9

Phone: (778) 571-2871
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Clinic Hours

Mon 9:30 am-2:30pm   ——–  Dr. Priya Rughani
Tue 9:30am-5:30pm     ——–  Dr. Anisa Nurani
Wed 9:30am-5:30pm    ——–  Dr. Marc Moison
Thu 9:30am-7:30pm     ——–  Dr. Marc Moison
Fri 9:30am-5:30pm       ——– Dr. Marc Moison
Sat 9:30am-2:30pm      ——– Dr. Marc Moison
Sun Closed

Sullivan Optometry Directions

Sullivan Square is located on the Northeast corner of the intersection of 152 St. and Hwy#10 in Surrey.  Access to the plaza is available from both streets.

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